Winmo Steps Up Predictive Prospecting, Giving DailyVista New Edge

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For over a decade, List Partners Inc. has given sales professionals an edge on new business through its forward-looking publication, DailyVista. Now, the company is putting those predictive capabilities at the center of its Winmo product, enhancing visibility of what’s ahead in a seamless prospecting experience.

The new and improved DailyVista has been rebranded as WinmoEdge – a predictor of agency reviews, campaign launches and partnership opportunities – housed within the award-winning Winmo interface, and serving as the core offering of its top-tier sales intelligence package. 

The Evolution of Predictive Prospecting

A generation of sellers have come to rely on DailyVista’s actionable articles to set their outreach agenda, initially in conjunction with The List Online – the legacy platform replaced by Winmo.

“With more of our clients migrating off our legacy platform and onto Winmo, it was the perfect time to transform the stand-alone DailyVista into the integrated WinmoEdge, and provide a more seamless user experience,” said Jennifer Groese, Vice President of Marketing at List Partners Inc. “Now Winmo clients have a one-stop shop for media/marketing prospecting – a single resource where sales professionals can uncover and pursue leads from start to finish.”

A Winning Methodology

WinmoEdge will continue the trusted DailyVista methodology, which relies on analysts scoring sales opportunities based on signs that advertisers will be in the market for new partners, factoring in indicators from personnel changes to earnings reports.

A mainstay of DailyVista’s predictive capabilities, the Vulnerable Account Index (VAI), will continue to rank the top 100 accounts most likely to conduct agency reviews – making Winmo a critical resource for agency executives looking to pitch potential clients ahead of RFPs and public announcements.

The Right Tools

WinmoEdge joins a constellation of features that keep Winmo users ahead of the curve. Others include the social community WinmoTalk as well as change alerts, which notify customers when decision-makers, brand-agency relationships, or WinmoEdge articles are added to profiles they follow.

“Our goal is to put the opportunity on a seller’s radar at the earliest indication," said Groese. "Whether it’s a WinmoEdge prediction or an alert that a brand they’ve been targeting has a new CMO, our Winmo feature set is designed to give users the head-start they need to be the first call to a marketing executive – to get to the right person at the right time.”

Not a WinmoEdge subscriber? Learn more and request access to gain your competitive edge.

About Winmo:

Savvy business development teams use Winmo to reach the right marketing prospects at the right time. Its up-to-date advertiser and agency profiles track decision-makers who control over $100 Billion in annual ad expenditures. In addition to being the first place the industry turns for brand-agency relationships and contact information, Winmo predicts opportunities on the horizon, tracking subtle shifts to keep agencies, media companies and sponsorship teams ahead of their competition. With access to verified sales intelligence, real-time change alerts and forecasted opportunities, Winmo users don't chase new business leads, they get out in front of them. Interested in trying Winmo? Visit

Written by: Marilyn Mead

Marilyn has helped media, sponsorship and adtech sales professionals build winning prospecting strategies for the past decade, cultivating a deep understanding of the advertising industry and players within it. In her current role as Product Marketing Director at List Partners Inc., Marilyn takes pride in fueling growth and profitability by empowering sellers to win more business.

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