Winmo Now Empowers Customers to Track New Business Opportunities by Location & Industry


Since the debut of our latest sales intelligence solution, Winmo, we’ve been hard at work adding features that further empower our customers win more business.  

Most recently, we launched a brand new feature within the platform that allows sales professionals like yourself to keep a pulse on target markets and categories through custom location and industry alerts. Now, you never have to worry about missing out on important updates or new business opportunities within the top markets you serve. 

How does it work?

Winmo users can now "follow" specific industries and regions to recevie real-time email alerts when changes occur at companies in those categories, including anything from new decision-makers or agency relationships to updated direct dials and email formats.

This update builds on real-time alerts that users receive when they follow specific brands, companies or agencies in Winmo. With the added ability to keep track of entire markets, users can avoid missing opportunities to forge new partnerships, as well as understand changes affecting existing accounts in their areas of coverage.

Interested in learning more about Winmo? Request a trial to see how we help sales teams like yours spend less time prospecting and more time winning new business.  

Written by: Marilyn Mead

Marilyn has helped media, sponsorship and adtech sales professionals build winning prospecting strategies for the past decade, cultivating a deep understanding of the advertising industry and players within it. In her current role as Product Marketing Director at List Partners Inc., Marilyn takes pride in fueling growth and profitability by empowering sellers to win more business.

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