Top Digital Ad Spenders in Planning Mode to Engage Right Now

Top Digital Ad Spenders in Planning Mode to Engage Right Now

As you enter the new year hungry to crush your goals, the last thing you want is to waste time on leads that aren’t ready to buy, or don’t have the budget to advertise with you. That’s why we’ve put together a list designed to fill your pipeline with qualified leads, specifically, 10 top digital ad spenders that are in planning mode right now.

Not only are these digital advertisers in planning mode, we’ve narrowed it down to those that spent the most in Q3 last year, meaning if history repeats itself, they’ll be rich with opportunity again in 2018. Digital ad sellers take note, these are the brands you should be engaging now to secure media buys for upcoming Q3 ads.

2017 Q3 Digital Spend: $26.9 million
LendingTree, the Charlotte, NC-based financial marketplace, has been on our radar since naming a new CMO in July. Then, last week, announced the appointment of R2C Group as its new media AOR. Therefore, with a new media agency on its roster, this increases the likelihood that LendingTree’s digital media planning is underway. Be sure to reach out to the new media shop now to congratulate them on their win and secure Q3 media buys now.
2017 Q3 Digital Spend: $22 million announced in its Q3 earnings call that it wouldn’t be advertising in Super Bowl 2018, after announcing that there was a “high chance” that they would. As a result, the online website builder’s CEO Avishai Abrahami stated that the company would be increasing its overall marketing budget this year, and would be moving more towards digital. Thus, as an already high digital spender planning to increase its digital budget, digital sellers should be reaching out now to secure upcoming Q3 digital spend while planning is underway.

2017 Q3 Digital Spend: $12.6 million
In November, Groupon added Steve Krenzer as its new COO and former McDonald’s CMO Deborah Wahl to its board, as well as launching its new campaign. In the company’s 2017 Q3 earnings call, Groupon CEO Rich Williams said to look for increased spend to continue into next year, and that the brand expects to “remain opportunistic with our marketing spend, looking for opportunities to capitalize on increased consumer activity and our unique mix of popular products and easily giftable local experiences."

Halo Top
2017 Q3 Digital Spend: $10.1 million
After launching its first campaign with creative partner Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners in July, in December, the Los Angeles-based ice cream brand announced the appointment of Anomaly as its new AOR. So, expect Halo Top’s first work with its new AOR to debut ahead of the summer (peak ice cream revenue season). This means that planning for that campaign is almost certainly underway now. 

Like what you've read so far? Here are a few more advertisers to keep your eye on! 

2017 Q3 Digital Spend: $19.7 million

2017 Q3 Digital Spend: $19.1 million

2017 Q3 Digital Spend: $12.4 million

2017 Q3 Digital Spend: $12.4 million

Sling TV
2017 Q3 Digital Spend: $11.1 million

2017 Q3 Digital Spend: $10.5 million

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Written by: Zoe Blutstein

Zoe has been with List Partners Inc. for almost two years. In her latest Content Marketing role, Zoe continues her mission to create content to help drive new business opportunities for clients and readers alike.

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