Top 5 Must Do’s After Mirren Live

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If Mirren Live has left you energized and given you pages of notes, ideas and to-do’s for when you get home, you're not alone. But organizing them into actionable plans so you can keep your momentum going can be a headache. Here are five simple steps that can help you continue to get value from your time at the conference.

Going to the event was an investment in your agency's future, and it can be difficult to make sure the value of your investment extends beyond the trip home. Now you're home, all that conference energy has to be directed at playing catch up on email and following up with those business development emails that came in when you were away -- how do you find time to translate the dynamic ideas you heard at conference into real-world plans for your business? 

The good news is that by following these simple steps you can easily get more bang for your conference buck:

  1. Get the Mirren Live agenda, and mark up the sessions you attended.
  2. Rank the 5 most actionable sessions you attended.
  3. Prioritize 3 action items from each of your top 5 sessions.
  4. Create a personal action summary – it should now have 15 items. Download this .doc template for your personal action summary.
    • Rank the items in your summary by order of importance, including:
    • Item, description, resources required, owner and due date.
    • Allow yourself no more than 60 days for a due date on any item on your list.
  5. Begin the first three action items on your list today or tomorrow.
People who take action on their personal action summary within 24 hours of an event like Mirren Live are much more likely to follow through, achieve their goals and continue to get value from their time at the conference.

What’s next?
Schedule the start date of the remaining 12 items over the next 10 business days. By the end of the month, you’ll have taken action on 15 items from the Mirren Live event. How’s that for a jump-start on getting some additional ROI? 

Revisit your personal action summary each morning before you begin your email daily delete session. Make it part of your executive team meeting until each action item (including any that you moved due dates on), is complete. 

Finally, big thanks to Mario van Gastel at Archer Malmo for the awesome picture we used in our header image.

Written by: Dave Currie

Dave is President and CEO of List Partners Inc. He's committed to empowering clients to grow their business.

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