Q1 Agency Review Predictions: Pitchworthy Accounts to Target Now

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When you're looking to pitch your agency services to major brands, timing is everything. If you wait until the review is announced, you're too late. 

That's why Winmo does more than tell you who to talk to at major advertisers, we evaluate subtle changes that precipitate partnership opportunities, so you know precisely when to reach out. 

In order to guide you to the most pitch-worthy accounts, we factor in a range of activities. CMO hires are our number one indicator that an agency review will occur, though decision maker shifts in general signal change ahead. Vulnerability to change also escalates when a brand's AOR relationship surpasses the average tenure of about 2.5 to three years. We factor all of these into a scoring system that tells you which accounts will be most receptive to your outreach. 

Long story short, Winmo has gotten agency review predictions down to a science.

Case In Point: Equinox Fitness

Last week, the luxury fitness chain announced the hire of its new CMO, Vimla Gupta, and since we know CMO hires are the number one indicator of an agency shift, you could call this the smoking gun. But - like many of the predictions we make - there were subtle changes that put them on our radar even earlier.

In February, our predictive sales publication WinmoEdge reported the departure of Equinox’s former CMO Carlos Becil. Suffice to say, we knew that an outgoing CMO meant an incoming CMO would follow.

Well, about a month after Becil’s departure, Equinox named Niki Leondakis as its new CEO. Thus, another change to the leadership roster, creating further vulnerability for an agency review.

Now, before circling back to Gupta’s hire, it should be pointed out that creative and media shop Wieden + Kennedy has been on Equinox’s agency roster for about three years, which we now know is the average tenure.

The bottom line is: a new CMO, following a new CEO and the added bonus of an exceeding agency tenure, all comes together to create a very likely scenario for Equinox to review their agency roster beginning Q1 2018.

If it seems like there are a lot of pieces to the puzzle, that's because there are. Which is why busy agency professionals rely on us to connect the dots, so they can reach the right decision-makers at the right advertisers at exactly the right time.

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Written by: Zoe Blutstein

Zoe has been with List Partners Inc. for almost two years. In her latest Content Marketing role, Zoe continues her mission to create content to help drive new business opportunities for clients and readers alike.

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