Most Searched Companies - January 2017

most searched brands january 2017.jpgEvery month we look at the most-visited company profiles in Winmo and consider the reasons those companies and brands caught our users' attention. This month we have a couple of burger chains, catwalk-to-closet fashions, frozen food and a vacation resort.

Burger King

Pay for a burger with a phone? You must like your fries extra-crispy.

What you can learn about Burger King by spending just a few minutes in Google News, is that you have been leaving a sheltered life, and every episode of COPS could have been shot in a BK parking lot. Among all the strange things on local newscasts, you’ll find news that the company is looking at Miami as a testing ground for an app that lets customers pay without going through a cashier. While much of how the app would be rolled out is unclear, there’s a good chance the QSR chain would have opportunities for in-app promotions and possibly regional or national campaigns to promote the app.

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In-N-Out Burger

Cow Town has real beef with fake news.

It seems nothing and no-one is safe from fake news, not even fast food. In the absence of any other compelling reasons, it looks like we saw a lot of traffic to In-N-Out Burger’s profile page after a Denver-area blog reported on a tweet from a fake account, and suggested the burger chain was going to open in Colorado this year, meaning new ads would need to be bought, and maybe even new creative.

But that’s not the case. If you’re looking for a burger chain that is opening in Colorado, that would be Shake Shack.

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Kraft Heinz 

The cheesiest Kraft work since Electric Cafe.

Falling squarely in the domain of “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should,” Kraft Heinz are bringing Velveeta Cheesy Bites to the frozen food aisle, so stoners and preppers have something new for their kitchens/bunkers. As with any brand expansion, there’s creative and media to be bought—though the company’s relationships with Starcom is firmly established across many of its brands.

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Clique Media Group

Who What Wear buckle up and hit the runway.

The brains behind online “aspirational yet accessible fashion content,” Who What Wear, announced that it would launch a fashion show during New York Fashion Week, in collaboration with Secret Deodorant. The event is invitation only, but will live-stream on YouTube. With brands like RentTheRunway, Very Jane and LivLuvShop ranking among the most popular Facebook pages for women in the 25-40 age group, there’s clearly a demand for high end fashions at deep discounts.

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Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts

Mouse media spending stuck in park.

Looking to media planning for summer, we saw a lot of traffic to our Disney profile page. Without giving too much away, though, data we have from Kantar Media shows that brand media spend has plummeted over the last couple of years across every channel. A similar pattern is evident among cruise lines, too, so there’s a contraction of spending in the sector.

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Written by: Duncan Connor

Duncan is Content Strategist at List Partners Inc.

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