Most Searched Companies - February 2017

Most Searched Companies - February 2017 - Ford - Sephora - DirecTV - 84Lumber - KAYAKEvery month we look at the most visited company profiles in Winmo and consider the reasons those companies and brands caught our users' attention. This month saw Super Bowl ads, streaming TV and a cosmetics retailer on our collective radars. 

Ford Motor Company

Ford puts the pedal to the metal to separate itself from the competition.

February was a busy month for the car you can buy in any color (so long as it’s black). January ended with Musa Tariq being named chief brand officer, tasked with differentiating the brand. His main job will be connecting with consumers through branding. Lisa Schroeder also stepped up from mobile and digital marketing content manager to integrated marketing and media lead, heading up digital strategy in the US.

In other news, Ford invested $1 billion in Pittsburgh-based autonomous research company (that’s self-driving cars to you and me). Argo, the lucky recipient of this funding over the next 5 years, was founded by engineers from Uber, Google and Carnegie Mellon University, and has plans to hire 200 people in the Steel City.

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84 Lumber

Construction supply company lays foundation for future success.

Following on from its much-talked-about Super Bowl commercial, users flocked to the building supply company’s profile, with many hopping over to the profile for creative agency Brunner, Inc., which created the cinematic ad.

The commercial, which Fox rejected as “too controversial” before accepting a shorter version which ended with a displayed URL for the complete ad, attracted praise and ire in roughly equal measure. As an awareness play, the ad worked incredibly well, with the conversation around it extending for a couple of weeks in the news and blogs.

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Subscribers seeing Starz as DirecTV overtakes Comcast On-Demand

At the end of her DirecTV-sponsored concert the day before the Super Bowl, Taylor Swift announced that the audience had seen what would be her only show this year. A couple of days later, DirecTV Now, the on-demand service, added Starz to its lineup.

There are likely to be some ad and media opportunities as DirecTV Now continues to add to its channel lineup and expands its user base, though some of that expansion is at the expense of AT&T U-Verse subscribers which are leaving that platform faster than they’re migrating to DirecTV Now.

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Online tavel agency paddles to new creative.

Priceline-owned sent its next creative assignment to the Martin Agency, moving from Barton F. Graf for creative (at least this time around). The company tends to run banners and programmatically-placed video ads.

KAYAK also found itself all over the internet; from articles in Thrillist about hot travel destination, to a feature in the New York Times about where to go for spring break, to an UPROXX article citing travel ban announced by the White House at the end of January correlating with a decline in travel bookings from the EU to the USA.

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What now? Cosmetic retailer gets to work.

Finally talking that talk, the makeup company announced it would unveil Rihanna’s “Fenty Beauty” line of products this fall. But with an unapologetic Estee Lauder saying it will “aggressively pursue and expand” its digital capabilities, competitors are being forced to at least keep pace or risk playing Russian roulette with their brands. For those with love on the brain in February – or even right now – there may be some planning opportunities for agencies to try to jump on creative and media for the fall and holiday seasons.

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Written by: Duncan Connor

Duncan is Content Strategist at List Partners Inc.

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