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Freshpet, Inc.

Planned Q1 losses lead to jump in media spend

Freshpet has been making news recently for its “Feed the Growth,” campaign and accompanying marketing strategy. To raise awareness of the natural pet food manufacturer’s products, the brand is set to increase media spending by a whopping 60 percent. If you work with agencies handling other pet care clients, it might be time to unleash that presentation to grow the account.

This past January, their “Letters in Motion” campaign pulled on the heart strings, putting the spotlight on letters from its customers confessing their love for the company. One notable tear-jerker is pet and owner duo Tank the bulldog and U.S. Air Force veteran Bryce, whose joyful relationship was documented on a 15-30 second national T.V. advertisement.

All this positive news comes on the back of a first quarter in which the company had a loss $0.09 per share, which the company says is in line with its strategic plan.

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The Wendy’s Company

Will changes at the top change Wendys' special sauce?

When Pepsi released its now infamous Kendall Jenner commercial, Americans did a simultaneous eyeroll and popped open a backlash that led to the ad being pulled. Heineken seized the moment and posted a counter advertisement that went viral for the right reasons.

What does that have to do with Wendy’s? Quick-serve rival McDonald’s recently put out an ad in the UK about a young grieving widow and her son being brought together by a McDonald’s fish sandwich. The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority quickly received over 100 complaints, causing the company to pull the commercial. People are now looking to its competitors, including Wendy’s, to “do a Heineken,” and come up with a creative response that gets the execution of a tricky message right.

But there’s even more! Unless you’ve been under a Baconator for the last few months you can’t have failed to hear about the “refrigerator” tweets and the “#nuggsforcarter” phenomenon. You can click the links for more details, but what you really need to know is the Wendy’s social media accounts suddenly became the gold standard in audience engagement under the leadership of Brandon Rhoten.

Rhoten was Wendys’ VP of advertising, media, and digital/social, and he just left the fast food chain this month for Papa John’s. This poaching could change Wendys' marketing strategy over the long term, and may put agencies on notice for review when a successor is named. 

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Ulta Salon Cosmetics & Fragrance, Inc.

Beauty store taps internet-famous influencer

Ulta Beauty stores have announced they’re set to start carrying YouTube-famous beauty vlogger Zoe Sugg’s Zoella Beauty line, starting in June. The makeup star’s collection will bring in not only Ulta’s loyal customers, but also fans of the video personality wanting to purchase the aesthetics products.

The launch of the line in the Ulta stores is big for the company, as the award-winning vlogger’s products are already a huge success in U.S. Target stores. Ulta will most likely want to milk this win for all it’s worth with a campaign to promote the line of cutesy bath and beauty products.

Look for opportunities with Ulta competitors like Sally Beauty Supply, Sephora, Bath and Body Works, and even pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS.

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American Airlines

Why know why you fly. It's because you like small spaces.

Nobody’s ideal morning starts at the crack of dawn, involves removing their shoes in front of strangers, walking through metal detectors and being groped by security guards. While this is the common reality of flying these days, the announcement that American Airlines is cutting back on passenger’s leg room on its new Boeing 737 Max jetliner from 31 inches to as low as 29 inches is enough to make even the most well-seasoned traveler squirm.

Backlash against this restricted personal space is almost certain for the airline, who may seek out a campaign to create a positive story out of the change. 

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Identity theft guardians hire growth accelerator

Symantec, which owns LifeLock, recently appointed Fredrik Torstensson as the new senior vice president of global sales and field marketing. Torstensson previously oversaw worldwide sales for Wacom. This means revenue growth, strategic partnerships, and marketing position will all be under his leadership, possibly leading to agency reviews, new campaigns, and overall changes in strategy.

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Written by: Duncan Connor

Duncan is Content Strategist at List Partners Inc.

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