How Winmo Addresses Common Sales Pain Points

How WInmo Addresses Common Pain Points.jpgLike with any kind of sales, the biggest pain point is time. Sales people waste a ton of time doing inefficient prospecting -- trying to find the right decision makers, find qualified potential clients, and then try to figure out how to contact them. If you’re spending time prospecting instead of selling, you’re leaving money on the table every single day.

Winmo can tell you who the decision maker is, provide you with their verified contact info, and tell you the best time to contact them. And, sure, that might be what a few tools say, but contacting the wrong person at the wrong time is 100% the number one thing that stops sales people from making more sales.

In adtech, a lot of the clients media sellers are looking at are start-ups, and that tech world is always evolving. The LumaSCAPE marketing technology list used to be tiny, but now it's five thousand companies, and that’s a lot of competition. For a lot of these startups, budget is a huge challenge. Even if they just got flush with a bunch of cash because they just got funded, the investor may have fenced them in around where they can spend the money.

How is Winmo different?

WinmoEdge is the huge value proposition Winmo offers that can’t be found anywhere else. It’s daily digest that tells you which companies have put out RFPs, gotten a new CMO or funding or gives you the heads up on about a dozen other events that would tell you it might be time to start prospecting an organization.

You’ll also get API access to Pathmatics, which is going to give you the historical data of where companies have been placing ads and how they've been placing them, and then WinmoEdge layers on top to let you know about the future and where they're going to be spending dollars.

If you’re in the early stages of setting up a sales process, getting WinmoEdge delivered to your inbox can really help with taking the pressure off finding leads and generating revenue while you build your sales team for the future. By expediting the sales cycle, you remove the need to go out and spend a couple of hours to find just one qualified lead. A lead you then have to research around who to contact, what's going on inside their doors and what they've been doing, historically.

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How to use the data

On the operations side of start-ups, some companies can't afford to have a CRM like Salesforce. In those cases, Winmo can definitely help with prospecting and sales contact list building. You can create custom lists inside the platform and almost use it as a mini-CRM. If you want to save some budget dollars on a CRM, that can help a lot. You can build target lists, which you can export to Excel, which is really valuable to smaller companies. Those are ones that might be using a free CRM like HubSpot, and you can import the list data into that platform, which will definitely save you some time if you have to be the operations guy or the whatever it is.

Build targeted lists of decision makers. Start now.

Getting to yes (or a fast no)

Ideally in sales what you get to with the prospect is a “yes,” but the next best answer is a fast and firm “no.” But to get that you have to be talking to the decision maker, and that’s just something that happens faster when you know who that decision maker is. In startups you might also be looking at decision makers who don't have the traditional job title you might expect. Your point of contact might not be chief-anything-officer, and there might not be a VP of sales because the entire sales team is two, maybe three people, and they report directly to a founder who controls the budget. 

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Written by: Rick Murray

Rick is an account executive at Winmo, specializing in helping martech sellers achieve their goals through sales, business strategy and marketing.

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