Five Fast Growing Sales & Marketing Titles

Emerging Marketing Titles

The technology landscape has turned the marketing industry into the Wild West of titles. Interesting new titles are sprouting up every single day and it’s hard to keep up. While many are just a flash in the pan and are only understood by the team of people that hold them, several others have started to stick. It’s important to understand what each of these up-and-coming roles are, and what responsibilities they entail.

In the course of tracking decision-makers for 36,000 brands, our research team has an unfair advantage when it comes to scoping out emerging titles. Here are just a few of the most interesting ones we’ve started to notice through our research.

  1. Sales Engineer.

With so many new technologies to help enable and improve efficiencies through the sales process, many companies have started staffing sales engineers to focus on the management and implementation  of these resources across their organization. Executives know that the sales teams’ time is best used to generate revenue, not to fumble through the investigation and understanding of new tools.

  1. Programmatic.

It should come as no shock that this title has made the list. Likely one of the most commonly requested titles; new iterations of this position are popping up every day. eMarketer reports that programmatic will account for 67% of total digital display spend in the US this year. Coupled with the expansion of programmatic in the television space, this title won’t be diminishing anytime soon.

  1. Content Marketing.

Content is king. With mountains of information at our fingertips, marketers are constantly trying to find creative and interesting ways to promote their brand presence. While there are many tools that help with automation, the content marketers role in developing thought leadership and managing delivery is vital to keeping your brand in the public’s eye at all times.

  1. Insights & Analytics.

As any brand’s customer base expands, the need for insights and analytics continues to grow. With more marketing channels than ever before, this group focuses on monitoring and interpreting the customer experience and providing actionable intelligence to the wider leadership.

  1. Customer Experience.

A breakaway function from the traditional Chief Marketing Officer, this role utilizes the data provided by the insights & analytics team to promote and improve the customer experience of a brand through high level strategy and planning.

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Written by: William Boydston

Billy Boydston is VP of Content Solutions at List Partners Inc.

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