DailyVista Exclusive: Spin Master Hires Media Planning, Buying Agency Ahead of Holidays


DailyVista readers heard it first! That’s right, the insiders at our prospecting publication DailyVista have confirmed that Spin Master, one of the top five toy manufacturers in the US, has moved its estimated $30 million media business to Initiative LA, concluding a review in which the incumbent, WPP’s MediaCom, declined to defend.

The appointment of Initiative for media planning and buying comes just months after Spin Master named Winston-Salem, NC-based The Variable its creative agency of record, signaling a new campaign is in the works from the Toronto-based toy-maker, whose portfolio of brands includes Air Hogs, Flutterbye, Battle of the Sexes, Quelf and Cool Baker.

The agency changes were spearheaded by Nancy Zwiers, who joined Spin Master as CMO last year, working out of its Los Angeles office. (Preview Spin Master’s Company Profile in Winmo).

Seller Tip: Media sellers should keep in mind that Q4, Spin Master’s primary advertising period, is just around the corner, so the transition of media duties to Initiative should be swift. Publishers and ad destinations catering to moms and children should start engaging client-side decision-makers now to be notified when planning for an upcoming campaign begins.

Agency Tip: DailyVista forecasted an agency change for Spin Master late last year, placing the brand on its Vulnerable Accounts Index (the list of accounts most likely to experience an agency shift) ahead of the February review launch. In addition to confirming the success of that prediction, the appointment of Initiative highlights the over 80% accuracy rating of DailyVista’s new business forecasts.

*Original article published to DailyVista subscribers on June 6.

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Written by: Josh Stone

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