Marilyn Mead

Marilyn has helped media, sponsorship and adtech sales professionals build winning prospecting strategies for the past decade, cultivating a deep understanding of the advertising industry and players within it. In her current role as Product Marketing Director at List Partners Inc., Marilyn takes pride in fueling growth and profitability by empowering sellers to win more business.
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Winmo Wins: How Smart Sellers Are Crushing It with Winmo

by Marilyn Mead | January 15, 2018

Dream clients added, record revenue won and quotas crushed... We're about to share the stories of sales pros who are literally changing the game when it comes to selling bigger, better and faster - and creating win-win relationships with big-name brands and agencies in the process.

What do they...

Sales Resolutions to Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet

by Marilyn Mead | January 11, 2018

How do great sellers break through the noise in cold outreach? How do they capture the attention of a major company, without having a prior relationship?

Winmo Unveils Martech Database

by Marilyn Mead | October 18, 2017

Award-winning sales tool expands coverage to martech, providing complete view of advertising ecosystem.

Winmo Steps Up Predictive Prospecting, Giving DailyVista New Edge

by Marilyn Mead | May 16, 2017

For over a decade, List Partners Inc. has given sales professionals an edge on new business through its forward-looking publication, DailyVista. Now, the company is putting those predictive capabilities at the center of its Winmo product, enhancing visibility of what’s ahead in a seamless...

Winmo Users Score Digital Ad Intelligence from Pathmatics

by Marilyn Mead | May 05, 2017

Winmo, a product of List Partners Inc., has teamed up with Pathmatics to provide its users with breakthrough transparency into digital ad buying behavior.

A newly launched integration brings a wealth of creatives, publisher and occurrence details from Pathmatics directly into Winmo’s award-winning...

List Partners Inc. Launches Local Ad Sales Prospecting Platform

by Marilyn Mead | January 19, 2017

List Partners Inc. (LPI), a global business development firm, is answering the demand for localized ad sales intelligence with the launch of Localead – a B2B prospecting resource designed exclusively for regionally focused media sales professionals.

Get Organized with Winmo’s Notes Feature

by Marilyn Mead | December 01, 2016

If you’re anything like the new business professionals we work with, the struggle is real when it comes to tracking prospect outreach; remembering what you said, whom you spoke with and when to follow up next. Sticky notes and calendar reminders just don't seem to cut it, and that's why Winmo’s...

Winmo Launches Quick-Search Chrome Extension

by Marilyn Mead | October 11, 2016

Just in time for Winmo’s first birthday, we’re thrilled to debut a new Chrome extension that makes finding the advertising and marketing decision-makers you’re looking to do business with easier and faster than ever before.

5 Sales Intelligence Must-Haves to Find Decision Makers

by Marilyn Mead | August 17, 2016

Sales intelligence tools provide background data on contacts, companies and industries. The idea is that rather than spending hours researching and vetting contact information for decision makers - that may or may not prove fruitful - sales professionals can use these resources to easily access...

Winmo, The List Online Among Highest-Rated Sales Intelligence Tools

by Marilyn Mead | July 12, 2016

Software review website G2 Crowd has released its latest report of top-performing sales intelligence tools based on user reviews. Not one, but two of List Partners Inc.’s products made the list, with legacy platform The List Online named a High Performer, and its evolution, Winmo, claiming a spot...

Top Brand, Company & Agency Lists

by Marilyn Mead | June 27, 2016

Top Brand, Company & Agency Lists

Winmo’s advertising and agency database holds the keys to over $100 Billion in annual media spend, with contacts that control the purse strings for 36,000 major brands. 

Of those advertisers, there are industries, categories, contacts and titles that trend at...

Stock Up on Back to School Advertising Leads

by Marilyn Mead | June 14, 2016

While parents, kids and coeds are thinking more about summer vacations than fall semester, there’s no doubt that brand marketing executives are gearing up back-to-school initiatives to entice consumers when the rush begins, so now is the time to “stock up” on your back-to-school media prospect...

Winmo Beta Tests Demographics in Partnership with StatSocial

by Marilyn Mead | June 03, 2016

Winmo users leverage demographic data to expose new prospects & growth opportunities.

All advertisers are not created equal. Some brands appeal more strongly to Hispanics, or Millennials, others skew male,

Q3 Agency New Business Opportunities

by Marilyn Mead | May 26, 2016

In our latest ebook, we shed light on advertisers heading in the direction of a major shift – those companies and brands that, according to our DailyVista prospecting publication, are poised to be realigning agency relationships in order to boost sales, change creative direction or support a...

Prospecting Profile: Director of Marketing Operations

by Marilyn Mead | May 03, 2016

A new position is showing up in the ranks of more and more marketing departments: the DMO, or Director of Marketing Operations. This position isn't meant to take the place of the CMO – on the contrary, it's usually CMOs who are proposing this new title as a way of linking upper leadership and daily...

The Race for Ad Dollars: Political Campaigns with High Prospecting Value

by Marilyn Mead | April 29, 2016

 In addition to pursuing sales opportunities with brand marketers and their agencies, advertising professionals have an interesting set of prospects that crop up around election season.

Winmo Now Empowers Customers to Track New Business Opportunities by Location & Industry

by Marilyn Mead | March 18, 2016

Since the debut of our latest sales intelligence solution, Winmo, we’ve been hard at work adding features that further empower our customers win more business.  

How Much Does Prospecting Cost Your Company?

by Marilyn Mead | February 19, 2016

If you’re not using an outside resource, more than likely your sales team is responsible for hunting down new sales leads themselves. What does their time cost you?

Although it may only seem like a couple of hours a day, the costs can add up quickly. Additionally, without the right tools and...