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Jennifer is the VP of Marketing at Winmo and is passionate about helping salespeople win more business. Our goal as a company, and as a marketing team, is to provide intelligence and content that enables customers to be proactive in their sales outreach.
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5 Data Points to Backup Your Winmo Purchase

by Jennifer Groese | January 16, 2018

Are you a data nerd? If you’re like me, I love it when I can backup a decision, or rather ask my boss for investment in a resource when I have all the supporting data points. 

4 Reasons Why Marketing Decision Makers Aren't Returning Your Calls

by Jennifer Groese | February 02, 2017

Ok, I’ll admit it – I’m the WORST at checking my office voicemail. In fact, I’m the worst at actually answering my phone at work. If you’re a marketing decision maker I’m sure you can relate.  

The List Inc. Named on Inc5000 Fastest Growing Companies List

by Jennifer Groese | August 17, 2016

We did it again! We're delighted to announce that List Partners Inc., our parent company, has been named one of Inc Magazine's 5000 fastest growing companies in North America by Inc Magazine.

Media Sales Events | Q3 & Q4

by Jennifer Groese | August 04, 2016

Get ahead of the competition next year by building strategic partnerships in Q3 and Q4 with these media-focused events. If you find yourself with some budget left to spend before the end of the year, consider hitting these fall conferences.

5 Tips to Keep Your Content from Falling Flat

by Jennifer Groese | July 08, 2016

As marketers we’re creating A LOT of content. In fact some recent stats show that over 2 Million blog posts are being published every single day. For social media, the “per minute” numbers are just as staggering with 347,222 Tweets being shared per minute, 17,361 LinkedIn profiles being viewed per...

How Strategic Is Your Sales Strategy?

by Jennifer Groese | June 23, 2016

When businesses experience stagnation in their sales and revenue, something that’s easy enough to avoid is often to blame: They lack a clearly defined sales strategy. Even if you have a sales strategy, how often do you revisit it?

Agency Investment Dollars are Going to List Building Software

by Jennifer Groese | May 18, 2016

Now in its fourth year, the Mirren/RSW New Business Tools Report has released its 2016 findings and for the List Partners, Inc. group of brands – it’s a BIG win! 

Top 5 Digital Video Consumer Trends Increasing Ad Spending

by Jennifer Groese | April 20, 2016


With multiple trends driving the increase in video ad spend it’s important to identify the impact it has on consumer consumption and device purchases. If one looks deeply enough into these trends, you’ll be able to find an actionable roadmap for the future and plan accordingly.

Digital Advertising vs. TV Ad Spend: Where are the Best Opportunities to Win New Business?

by Jennifer Groese | April 15, 2016

If you're thinking about where to allocate your marketing budget when it comes to TV and digital ads, then it's time to look to the future. A winner is emerging, but it’s the ad model itself that's seeing the most important changes.

Programmatic Advertising's Soaring Popularity: Why Are Advertisers so Smitten?

by Jennifer Groese | April 13, 2016

If it seems like many of the country's largest advertisers and marketing companies are jumping on the programmatic advertising bandwagon, it's probably because they are.