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Brian is Director of Sales & Sponsorship at List Partners Inc.
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Why Your Conference Budget Should Include New Tools

by Brian McCue | June 14, 2017

Everyone loves conferences. The nice hotels, the self-conscious "I'm just here for the schwag" vibe, the thrill of meeting people you only know from Twitter and LinkedIn, the shining nuggets of actionable information that made that one really boring presentation worth going to...what's not to love?

How to Get the Best New Partnerships for Your Event

by Brian McCue | November 14, 2016

With over $21 billion spent on sponsorship last year in North America – everyone in the event space wants to know how to get more and/or better sponsorships. Developing new partnerships is not an easy task, but if you have a game plan in place – and the right sales and prospecting tools – you’ll be...

What to Include in Your Event Sponsorship Proposal

by Brian McCue | November 09, 2016

Getting sponsorship is a great way to fund your event, but you must convince your potential sponsors to invest in your event by providing them with a clear proposal with specific details. Write a preliminary proposal to your potential sponsors and be sure to include these five important points.

How to Find Ideal Sponsorship Partners

by Brian McCue | June 07, 2016

1. Know Your Audience

If you already know your audience inside and out, you’re ahead of the game. If you’re unsure about the primary audience your organization attracts, and thus, which marketers will be most interested in working with you, there are various, time-tested ways you can research and...