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How Agencies and Media Sellers Can Spot New Business Opportunities

by Betsi Nelson | August 09, 2017

We've said it before, and we'll keep saying it: CMO turnover is the strongest signal that changes between a brand and its agencies are coming. It might not be true immediately, and it might not be true in all cases, but most of the time, when a brand's CMO changes, its agency relationships will...

Gap Names CMO After Year-long Vacancy

by Betsi Nelson | January 25, 2016

Craig Brommers has taken over as the CMO for Gap, filling a position that has been open for just over a year.

This new appointment comes after the brand announced plans to eliminate the position entirely, which likely means we will see significant marketing shifts in the months to come.  

Former SVP of Marketing for Victoria's Secret PINK Brand Joins 'Tween' Retailer Justice as CMO

by Betsi Nelson | December 04, 2015

During the Q1 earnings call, Ascena CEO David Jaffe announced that Sara Tervo has been appointed CMO for the struggling Justice brand.

Amid Declining Sales, Bravo Brio Brings in New CEO & Head of Marketing

by Betsi Nelson | November 16, 2015

Bravo Brio Restaurant Group recently named Brian O’Malley as CEO, effective Dec. 28.

Papa Murphy's Snags Wendy's CMO

by Betsi Nelson | November 04, 2015

Less than a year after being promoted to CMO, Wendy’s Brandon Solano will join Papa Murphy’s as CMO, effective Nov. 30.

Harley-Davidson Opens the Throttle on Marketing

by Betsi Nelson | October 22, 2015

During a Q3-2015 earnings call, Harley-Davidson CEO Matthew Levatich stated that the company would increase customer-facing marketing spend by approximately 65% in 2016. Here's what happened next.