Top 10 Sales Productivity Tools of 2015


These days, sales teams are expected to respond to both prospects and customers very quickly. That means that productivity is crucial.

However, just because we know it’s important, doesn’t mean it is going to get the attention it deserves. In fact, only about 30 percent of a sales rep’s day is dedicated strictly to selling activities. In an attempt to maximize productivity throughout the industry, we have (productively) put together a list of the top 10 sales productivity tools for 2015.

Clari: Clari is a great tool for predictive sales analytics. It uses data science to give insight into forecast and at-risk deals, as well as tools to direct rep behavior.

Salesforce: Salesforce is a platform that utilizes cloud technologies to connect organizations with customers, partners and employees. This tool makes it easy to collaborate on sales strategy by improving transparency and visibility.

The List: Recently named by Mirren and RSW/US as a top business tool, The List is a proactive prospecting tool that enables sales teams to connect and engage with advertisers and brand owners in the United States and abroad.

Docusign: This tool gives you clear and complete control when closing and booking each deal. Docusign reduces errors, shortens your sales cycle, and increases by 30+ percent. Docusign manages everything from preparing, sending and tracking the documents.

Yesware: Yesware is a tool that helps you connect with prospects and track your engagement, all from your Gmail, Outlook, or iPhone inbox. You are able to track what happens to your email after you send it: who is interested, how interested they are, and when to get in touch with them. This allows for fast and consistent messaging.

Velocify: Velocify is a tool that responds to new prospects. It does this simply and methodically by prioritizing reps’ activities in one organized view of leads and opportunities. It uses automated guided selling to motivate consistent selling practices. Velocify ensures that high-priority leads are quickly contacted by the correct rep. It also displays daily sales activities and performance.

Base: Base is a tool that improves visibility for sales leaders and increases efficiency for sales reps. Some other things this tool can do is allow views of current opportunities in your pipeline with visual sales tracking, set, track and manage sales goals and quotas for your whole team, very accurately forecast data-based reporting, and much more.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator: This tool combines your LinkedIn network data, relevant news sources and your account, leads and preferences to produce insights and recommendations customized specifically to you.

KnowledgeTree: This software matches content with data in Salesforce, and uses that information to decide which content is the most effective. Then it takes the most effective content and pushes it out to your sales team. This will allow for a dramatic increase in sales results, make everyone in your sales team a top performer and identifies the best sales enablement tools.

Proposify: Proposify is a cloud-based tool that manages and streamlines the proposal process. You can use this tool to send personalized, interactive proposals to your clients that they can sign off on electronically. It also allows you to see when and how clients engage with your proposal by sending you alerts. This program is very collaborative, with the ability to have all members of the team working on the same document simultaneously.

Written by: Dave Currie

Dave is President and CEO of List Partners Inc. He's committed to empowering clients to grow their business.

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