Is Your Agency Your Most Important Client?

Build a Better Agency Podcast Drew McLellan Agency Management Institute.jpgLast month our CEO Dave Currie sat down with Agency Management Institute's Drew McLellan to discuss the agency landscape and how it's changing. Getting a new business development strategy right is one of those perennial problems agencies have -- they're so focused on doing work for their clients that they forget to spend some time getting new business into the pipeline.

"I haven't seen a successful agency that doesn't treat itself as its most important client." [Tweet this!]

Clients may come and go, but successful agencies share a common attribute. They consistently look for clients that can commit to larger retainers, more visible creative, or can enhance the appeal of the agency portfolio and attract other high-quality clients. 

To listen to the full podcast go to the Agency Management Institute and find insight into:

  • Why agencies need a better (or any) business development plan
  • What agencies can learn and act on from the WinmoEdge CMO Lifecycle Report
  • How project-based work is great for agencies, and how to win big projects
  • How to grow by adding to your portfolio and by organic account growth
  • Why you should focus on your top 25-30 prospects

Written by: Duncan Connor

Duncan is Content Strategist at List Partners Inc.

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