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Are you a data nerd? If you’re like me, I love it when I can backup a decision, or rather ask my boss for investment in a resource when I have all the supporting data points. 

While some sales organizations are fortunate enough to have a comprehensive sales stack to help them save time, decrease their sales cycle and win more business, others (perhaps you, if you’re reading this) need a bit more help proving the value of investing in a sales intelligence resource.  

Sales intelligence platforms source a HUGE amount of prospecting data, and here’s the best part – they keep it verified for you. Take a second to actually think about that – right now, how long is it taking you to find decision-maker information, and then complimentary details like which agencies they’re working with or how much they spent on digital last quarter? Next, imagine how fast that data is going stale.

According to our research, which you’ll see below, during a four month period 7% of people will exit their current company. So, if you’re already wasting too many hours hunting down qualified prospects, imagine repeating that awful cycle every four months.

Likely you know this pain point very well, but here are some data points to help convince your boss the investment in Winmo is well worth it.

  1.  40% of Salespeople Say Prospecting is The Hardest Part of Sales Process
    No surprise here but sometimes it’s nice to have a supporting fact that sums up how you’re feeling. You’re not alone!

    According to Hubspot, more than 40% of salespeople say prospecting is the most challenging part of the sales process followed by qualifying at 22%. Here’s the thing – if you have the right resources, business development doesn’t have to be hard. Sales intelligence platforms give you the head start you need in order to hone in on the prospects that make the most sense for your business. Customers use Winmo to search across companies, brands, agencies and marketing technology companies using filters like title, industry, planning period, media spend, company revenue and more!

  2. 30% of Contact Information Goes Stale Every 12 Months
    In today’s market there are a lot of shifts happening - people finding new jobs, mergers and acquisitions, as well as brands changing partners on a recurring basis. Amidst all the change, data is becoming outdated…and rapidly. We’ve found that on an annual basis, 30% of contact data will go stale. Even within a four month period 7% of people will exit their current company and an additional 9% will have job title changes.

    In order to monitor this change and ensure you’re reaching out to the right prospect at the right time it’s crucial to have a resource (or an internal process in place) that’s consistently verifying and updating your database. Perhaps you could rely on bots to do this, but after 22 years managing data we’ve found human verification is the most accurate way to surface reliable information. And besides, who doesn’t want prospecting data that’s dependable, right?

  3. Winmo Maps Over 23,000 Agency/Brand Relationships
    Yes, the 125,000+ decision-makers we include within Winmo are important. But, assuming your boss tells you contact information is easy enough to find, throw this at him/her. Winmo currently maps over 23,000 agency/brand relationships across our database of national advertisers. Whereas you MIGHT be able to dig up contact data on a company’s website or on LinkedIn, take my word for it – you’re not going to find this level of relationship mapping anywhere. And, the time it would take you to navigate this tangled web would be unrealistic.

    We provide insight into past and current agency relationships, what they manage (creative, multicultural, media buying/planning), which agency location is managing which brand assignment, and then the specific decision-makers within.

    agency mapping.png

  4. 73% of our Lead Predictions Come True (in the timeframe we forecasted)
    Don’t tell my sales team I said this out loud but selling is hard, especially right now! There is more content and technology at sales professionals’ fingertips than ever before, meaning that you’ve got to work even harder to have your prospecting outreach stand out.

    Imagine if you knew about sales opportunities 3-18 months in advance, and they were delivered directly into your inbox each morning. We’ve got an exceptional team of writers and research analysts on our team (shout out to WinmoEdge) who meticulously monitor and track change throughout the media and advertising industry, and in return translate that data into lead forecasts. They even include when exactly you should start prospecting (for example right now, or 6 months from now).

    The best part? Knock on wood, but we’re pretty damn good at it. 73% of our lead predictions come true in the timeframe we forecast; and, we just had our 500th successful report in Q4 of 2017.
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  5. Contact Details Are Verified Every 120 Days
    Since we know data is going stale every single day, of course we put resources behind reviewing and verifying our database. In order to ensure accurate, reliable prospecting data is surfaced for our customers, we have a dedicated in-house research team who are responsible for sourcing the data AND verifying it every 120 days. In fact, on a monthly basis our team is spending over 900 hours each month confirming our data.

    Why invest in humans; sounds expensive, right? The fact is that the information needed to engage the right people at the right companies is not something that’s conspicuously floating around the web, or accurately crowd-sourced in any other way. Data sourced from anything other than a first-person account still needs to be vetted, verified and confirmed by humans, preferably humans who understand how clients will use this information. While technology has drastically enhanced our processes over the past 22 years, we’ve found found that the most precise information is realized when real human beings are managing it, not bots.

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Written by: Jennifer Groese

Jennifer is the VP of Marketing at Winmo and is passionate about helping salespeople win more business. Our goal as a company, and as a marketing team, is to provide intelligence and content that enables customers to be proactive in their sales outreach.

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