The Best Way to Build Your Advertising Contact List

by Duncan Connor | January 12, 2017

 It’s difficult to talk about the best way to create an advertising contact list without talking about the dark days before truly great sales enablement tools hit the market. While it was a best practice 20 years ago, the worst way you can create a lead-generating marketing list in the 21st...

Winmo Wins: NCAA National Championship Contest

by Duncan Connor | January 11, 2017

In December we asked you to share your "Winmo wins" stories with us -- to tell us about how Winmo helped you find or win a piece of business in 2016.

Why Trust is Your Best Sales Prospecting Tool

by Duncan Connor | November 17, 2016

Indifference is how you lose customers and prospects. When customers stop caring whether they get a service or product from you or someone else, that’s a sure sign that they don’t trust you anymore, and trust is essential to customer retention and growth.

The Best Way to End Sales Outreach Attempts [VIDEO]

by David Thomson | November 15, 2016

Ignore what Boyz II Men said, when you reach the end of the road, the smart thing to do is to let go. After making honest efforts to contact someone in your target organization, the time has come to cut bait and move on...but how should you do it?

How to Get the Best New Partnerships for Your Event

by Brian McCue | November 14, 2016

With over $21 billion spent on sponsorship last year in North America – everyone in the event space wants to know how to get more and/or better sponsorships. Developing new partnerships is not an easy task, but if you have a game plan in place – and the right sales and prospecting tools – you’ll...

5 Essential Skills You Need to Lead a Team

by Duncan Connor | November 10, 2016

So you’ve been doing this selling thing for a while now and you think you’re ready to step up and lead the team? First, understand that you’re adding stress, time away from your family and giving up weekend time for what’s likely to be not much more money in your pocket.

What to Include in Your Event Sponsorship Proposal

by Brian McCue | November 09, 2016

Getting sponsorship is a great way to fund your event, but you must convince your potential sponsors to invest in your event by providing them with a clear proposal with specific details. Write a preliminary proposal to your potential sponsors and be sure to include these five important points.

How to Follow Up with Prospects [VIDEO]

by David Thomson | October 31, 2016

Now you know some dos and don'ts of prospecting email sales outreach, Dave Thomson explains how the best-performing sales people follow up with their leads.

New Business Prospecting Without The Cocktail Umbrella

by Winmo Staff | October 24, 2016

Many new business programs start getting sluggish as the holidays approach. Prospecting for new business can feel pretty unappealing, and as celebration season starts it's pretty easy to think about office parties, and sipping a cocktail (perhaps one with an umbrella).

ad:tech New York 2016 Speaker Contact List

by Dave Currie | October 20, 2016

The ad:tech New York 2016 conference is almost here, and there's a great line-up of speakers and events to check out from publishers to agencies to tech innovators and more.

How to Write Better Prospecting Emails [VIDEO]

by David Thomson | October 20, 2016

Nurturing and developing leads and opportunities takes time, perseverance and more than a little skill. Dave Thomson talks about how to improve open and response rates for your sales emails.

Three Sales Metrics That Will Win or Lose Your Bonus

by Duncan Connor | October 14, 2016

As we get deeper into Q4, it’s the time of year when fingernails get bitten down to nubs. End of year sales goals loom large, bonuses (hopefully) equally large, and performance evaluations are on the horizon.

ANA Masters of Marketing 2016 Speaker Contact List

by Dave Currie | October 12, 2016

The ANA Masters of Marketing 2016 conference is almost here, and there's a great line-up of speakers and events to check out in Orlando.

Winmo Launches Quick-Search Chrome Extension

by Marilyn Mead | October 11, 2016

Just in time for Winmo’s first birthday, we’re thrilled to debut a new Chrome extension that makes finding the advertising and marketing decision-makers you’re looking to do business with easier and faster than ever before.

Sales Accounts You Should Follow on Twitter

by Duncan Connor | October 10, 2016

Prospecting with traditional sales strategies and tactics, such as cold-calling, seems to be less and less effective. You may even have heard that social selling is the wave of the future, and if you're not omnipresent on social media, you're losing millions of dollars in potential sales. 

Is AR/VR AdTech's Wild West?

by Duncan Connor | October 07, 2016

If you wonder what you’re going to watch on Sunday nights when Game of Thrones ends, HBO is hoping to tempt you with its beautiful, artificial intelligence-filled rendering of the old west. Westworld is based on the book and movie of the same name, and lands somewhere between Deadwood, Jurassic...

What Can You Learn About Sales from The Departed

by Duncan Connor | October 06, 2016

 The Departed, Martin Scorsese’s all-star Academy Award-winning movie—that does for Boston what Goodfellas did for New York—is about to turn 10 years old. But what does the brutal cops-and-robbers movie have to do with your sales team? 

September's Most Searched Companies

by Duncan Connor | October 04, 2016

Ah, September. The beginning of fall marks the start of the final push to the sales goal line, and the return of football and TV shows. But for those in the sponsorships and media markets, it means looking at the calendar for early 2017, and there were good reasons some companies got hotter than...

How to Do Biz Dev (When Your Main Job Is Something Else)

by Duncan Connor | September 30, 2016

According to HubSpot’s Agency Pricing and Financials Report, only one in three agencies has a dedicated business development professional on staff. We assume someone must be trying to generate new business for that other 66 percent, and we have some horror stories that tell us agency new...

5 Ways to Grow Accounts You Already Have

by Duncan Connor | September 29, 2016

The recent HubSpot Partner Report on Agency Pricing and Financials revealed some startling statistics. With the average agency/brand relationship hovering around the 3-year mark, you might think agencies would spend more time trying to grow the size of each account. You'd be wrong.