5 Sales Intelligence Must-Haves to Find Decision Makers

by Marilyn Mead | August 17, 2016

 Regardless of industry, sales intelligence resources provide background data on contacts, companies and industries. The idea is that rather than spending hours researching and vetting contact information for decision makers - that may or may not prove fruitful - sales professionals can use...

What Today's Brands Look for in Martech Partners

by Dan Mottern | July 19, 2016

There is no shortage of players in the martech universe these days. Have you seen the latest Lumascape? I work with adtech and martech vendors all day everyday, and could probably become fluent in Mandarin before understanding what all of these companies claim to do.

Winmo, The List Online Among Highest-Rated Sales Intelligence Tools

by Marilyn Mead | July 12, 2016

Software review website G2 Crowd has released its latest report of top-performing sales intelligence tools based on user reviews. Not one, but two of List Partners Inc.’s products made the list, with legacy platform The List Online named a High Performer, and its evolution, Winmo, claiming a...

Five Fast Growing Sales & Marketing Titles

by William Boydston | July 07, 2016

The technology landscape has turned the marketing industry into the Wild West of titles. Interesting new titles are sprouting up every single day and it’s hard to keep up. While many are just a flash in the pan and are only understood by the team of people that hold them, several others have...

Top Brand, Company & Agency Lists

by Marilyn Mead | June 27, 2016

Top Brand, Company & Agency Lists

Winmo’s advertising and agency database holds the keys to over $100 Billion in annual media spend, with contacts that control the purse strings for 36,000 major brands. 

Of those advertisers, there are industries, categories, contacts and titles that trend at...

How Strategic Is Your Sales Strategy?

by Jennifer Groese | June 23, 2016

When businesses experience stagnation in their sales and revenue, something that’s easy enough to avoid is often to blame: They lack a clearly defined sales strategy. Even if you have a sales strategy, how often do you revisit it?

DailyVista Exclusive: Spin Master Hires Media Planning, Buying Agency Ahead of Holidays

by Josh Stone | June 16, 2016

DailyVista readers heard it first! That’s right, the insiders at our prospecting publication DailyVista have confirmed that Spin Master, one of the top five toy manufacturers in the US, has moved its estimated $30 million media business to Initiative LA, concluding a review in which the...

Prospecting Profile: Director of Marketing Operations

by Marilyn Mead | May 03, 2016

A new position is showing up in the ranks of more and more marketing departments: the DMO, or Director of Marketing Operations. This position isn't meant to take the place of the CMO – on the contrary, it's usually CMOs who are proposing this new title as a way of linking upper leadership and...

The Race for Ad Dollars: Political Campaigns with High Prospecting Value

by Marilyn Mead | April 29, 2016


 In addition to pursuing sales opportunities with brand marketers and their agencies, advertising professionals have an interesting set of prospects that crop up around election season.

Top 5 Digital Video Consumer Trends Increasing Ad Spending

by Jennifer Groese | April 20, 2016


With multiple trends driving the increase in video ad spend it’s important to identify the impact it has on consumer consumption and device purchases. If one looks deeply enough into these trends, you’ll be able to find an actionable roadmap for the future and plan accordingly.

Why National Brands are Moving to a "Technology of Record" Model

by Liz Farquhar | April 06, 2016

Much like the agency of record, a technology of record serves as the primary SaaS or software solution used to empower business growth from marketing, advertising and sales strategies. Whether than being "narrow and deep" or "wide and shallow," technology of record tries to be both deep and wide.

How to Prospect for New Business & Grow Revenue with Account-Based Sales and Marketing

by Dave Currie | April 04, 2016

Account-based sales and marketing (ABS&M) is a hot topic in the sales development community; especially for small to mid-size agencies, media and advertising technology companies.

Political Ad Spend for National & Local Campaigns: Where are the Best Opportunities to Win More?

by Liz Farquhar | March 28, 2016

It is generally assumed that national political contests are the best way to win more business. However, you may be surprised to find out that is not always the case.

The Role of "Micro-moments" in Strategic New Business Development

by Liz Farquhar | March 25, 2016

Micro-moments are small, but mighty touch points along the path to purchase that are hugely valuable when used effectively for new business acquisition. 

How Much Does Prospecting Cost Your Company?

by Marilyn Mead | February 19, 2016

If you’re not using an outside resource, more than likely your sales team is responsible for hunting down new sales leads themselves. What does their time cost you?

Although it may only seem like a couple of hours a day, the costs can add up quickly. Additionally, without the right tools and...

Top CMO Shifts Creating New Business Opportunities

by Liz Farquhar | February 08, 2016

For national brands, the most accurate indication of new business opportunities on the horizon is the appointment of a new chief marketing officer (CMO).

Video Advertising Trends & Ad Spend Predictions

by Liz Farquhar | February 03, 2016

Engagement and digital ad viewability have become big hitters in the industry, triggering unprecedented spend increases on video advertising this year. The process for media planning and buying looks very different today than it did even just a couple of years ago. Advertisers are actively...

The Digital Advertising Trends Triggering New Business Opportunities with Marketers & Advertisers

by Liz Farquhar | January 18, 2016

Digital advertising is forcing marketers and advertisers to take a more human approach to sales and marketing by creating experiences instead of traditional banner ads.

What is the Ad-blocking Economy all about?

by Liz Farquhar | December 29, 2015

These days, it seems like ad-blocking and its growing economy are at the center of the digital advertising universe. Likely, due to the fact that this trend has pretty much turned the industry into a nightmarish, never-ending Mad Hatter tea party. 

Why Sales Forecasting Is Not Only Important, It's Vital

by Liz Farquhar | December 07, 2015

For any company, regardless of size, sales forecasting is one of the most critical pieces of information for prospecting success and long-term business growth.