The CMO Will Be the First to Go - Opportunity Knocks

by Dave Currie | March 23, 2017

CEO’s are increasingly seeking disruptive growth. Yet, accountability within the C-suite for disruptive growth is fragmented, creating opportunity for the willing CMO and their agencies.

Most Searched Companies - February 2017

by Duncan Connor | March 07, 2017

Every month we look at the most visited company profiles in Winmo and consider the reasons those companies and brands caught our users' attention. This month saw Super Bowl ads, streaming TV and a cosmetics retailer on our collective radars. 

Most Searched Companies - January 2017

by Duncan Connor | February 07, 2017

Every month we look at the most-visited company profiles in Winmo and consider the reasons those companies and brands caught our users' attention. This month we have a couple of burger chains, catwalk-to-closet fashions, frozen food and a vacation resort.

The Creative Agencies Behind Epic Superbowl Ads

by Duncan Connor | February 06, 2017

The Patriots staged an historic come-from-behind victory in the Super Bowl and Lady Ga Ga gave a half-time performance for the ages - and for many of us, part of the joy of watching the big game is in the often-spectacular ads during the broadcast.

4 Reasons Why Marketing Decision Makers Aren't Returning Your Calls

by Jennifer Groese | February 02, 2017

Ok, I’ll admit it – I’m the WORST at checking my office voicemail. In fact, I’m the worst at actually answering my phone at work. If you’re a marketing decision maker I’m sure you can relate.  

How Your Cut-Price Business Database Software is Hurting Your Sales

by Duncan Connor | January 31, 2017

If you’re trying to tie up some new business, databases and tools that serve up contact information can be investments that deliver incredible return on investment. But not if they’re inaccurate.

How to Improve Your Hiring Process for Sales Positions [VIDEO]

by David Thomson | January 25, 2017

Hiring for sales positions can be tough, especially for new sales managers. After all, you're trying to find someone who can be very persuasive, without being persuaded they can help you make more sales if they're just likeable, but can't close deals.

How to Reach Decision Makers on AdAge's Top 10 Agencies A-List

by Duncan Connor | January 24, 2017

AdAge has released its Agency of the Year A-List, and by our math, the top 10 agencies represent a combined total of more than $20 billion in client media spend. Winmo subscribers already have access to the contact information for more than 1,100 employees in those agencies, which boast a total...

How to Get Awesome Testimonials for Your Business [VIDEO]

by David Thomson | January 24, 2017

Testimonials can be a powerful tool to help you sell. Social proof - having people who have used your product acting as its cheerleaders - can make a big difference in whether prospects are more or less likely to take your calls.

Reach the Decision Maker Like a Sales Ninja [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Duncan Connor | January 19, 2017

If there's one trait the most successful sales professionals share, it's that they know how to reach decision makers. This infographic reveals some highly effective tactics to avoid repeatedly running into the gatekeeper for senior level decision makers.

List Partners Inc. Launches Local Ad Sales Prospecting Platform

by Marilyn Mead | January 19, 2017

List Partners Inc. (LPI), a global business development firm, is answering the demand for localized ad sales intelligence with the launch of Localead – a B2B prospecting resource designed exclusively for regionally focused media sales professionals.

The Best Way to Build Your Advertising Contact List

by Duncan Connor | January 12, 2017

 It’s difficult to talk about the best way to create an advertising contact list without talking about the dark days before truly great sales enablement tools hit the market. While it was a best practice 20 years ago, the worst way you can create a lead-generating marketing list in the 21st...

Winmo Wins: NCAA National Championship Contest

by Duncan Connor | January 11, 2017

In December we asked you to share your "Winmo wins" stories with us -- to tell us about how Winmo helped you find or win a piece of business in 2016.

Most-searched Companies - November 2016

by Duncan Connor | December 08, 2016

With an election and Thanksgiving in the month, it’s easy to forget that a lot of work got done. Whether you’re setting up business to close in early 2017 or trying to get some quick deals through before the end of the year, we couldn’t have had a wider variety of profile types in our top five...

6 Things That Will Make Your Best Sales Reps Quit

by Duncan Connor | December 02, 2016

Your agency has been going through some changes. In the last few months one of your sales directors has pulled out all the stops, taken on extra work, generated prospects and sales leads, and won some great accounts. And then suddenly…they quit, leaving you to comb through their resignation...

Get Organized with Winmo’s Notes Feature

by Marilyn Mead | December 01, 2016

If you’re anything like the new business professionals we work with, the struggle is real when it comes to tracking prospect outreach; remembering what you said, whom you spoke with and when to follow up next. Sticky notes and calendar reminders just don't seem to cut it, and that's why Winmo’s...

7 Reasons Your Customers Fall Out of Love With You

by Duncan Connor | November 29, 2016

They say that sales is all about touches. A dozen or more touches to get a response from sales prospects, and then it can take a prolonged courtship to finally close the deal.

5 Free Marketing Certifications Employers Want You to Have

by Duncan Connor | November 22, 2016

Succeeding as a marketing professional, especially in an agency environment, means being able to demonstrate a high level of competence in a variety of different disciplines. But getting those skills can get real expensive real fast.

Why Trust is Your Best Sales Prospecting Tool

by Duncan Connor | November 17, 2016

Indifference is how you lose customers and prospects. When customers stop caring whether they get a service or product from you or someone else, that’s a sure sign that they don’t trust you anymore, and trust is essential to customer retention and growth.

The Best Way to End Sales Outreach Attempts [VIDEO]

by David Thomson | November 15, 2016

Ignore what Boyz II Men said, when you reach the end of the road, the smart thing to do is to let go. After making honest efforts to contact someone in your target organization, the time has come to cut bait and move on...but how should you do it?