David Thomson

David Thomson is EVP of Global Sales at List Partners Inc.

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The Best Way to End Sales Outreach Attempts [VIDEO]

by David Thomson | November 15, 2016

Ignore what Boyz II Men said, when you reach the end of the road, the smart thing to do is to let go. After making honest efforts to contact someone in your target organization, the time has come to cut bait and move on...but how should you do it?

How to Follow Up with Prospects [VIDEO]

by David Thomson | October 31, 2016

Now you know some dos and don'ts of prospecting email sales outreach, Dave Thomson explains how the best-performing sales people follow up with their leads.

How to Write Better Prospecting Emails [VIDEO]

by David Thomson | October 20, 2016

Nurturing and developing leads and opportunities takes time, perseverance and more than a little skill. Dave Thomson talks about how to improve open and response rates for your sales emails.

I Hope This Email Finds You Well

by David Thomson | September 27, 2016

Email is dead. At least once a week there’s some blog or chatter about the impending death of email. In fact, I just finished re-reading an article from Fast Company entitled Email Is Dead…from 2007.

3 Tips for Hiring Better Sales Staff

by David Thomson | August 10, 2016

 The first key to attracting and retaining solid sales talent, and sometimes the most overlooked, is understanding what makes your top performers unique. I don’t mean understanding that they bring in the most revenue, they make the most calls, etc.